All Change

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In between preparing for my final exhibition at college, I’ve been daydreaming about redecorating the house.  I’ve been gazing longingly at these images for weeks imagining myself ensconced in the sanctuary I will create once I’m not a slave to college deadlines….procrastination is a wonderful skill when it comes to maintaining sanity under pressure.

With the exhibition over, I’ve begun building a mood board for the project.  The sitting room is my first challenge.  I’m in love with these images but an all-white scheme doesn’t appeal…….well, it would if I didn’t have a dog, cat, & kids to consider.  So I’m thinking white or pale grey walls and adding colour with textiles, art & objects.

I love the idea of switching accent colours with the seasons:  A vivid Matthew Williamson inspired palette for the spring & summer of turquoise, orange, magenta & lime to bring a little of the mediterranean into our lives.  Autumn & winter brings the need for warmth & comfort so I’ll be looking to Swedish & Danish interiors for guidance.


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