Life Imitating Art: Sunsets & Rothko

Waiting for a train a few days ago, I snapped this mesmerising sunset (apologies for the quality – iPhone doesn’t compare with a real camera but sometimes you have to live in the moment and not worry about how it might look in the blog.)  I could happily waste hours watching sunsets. The hyper-real coloured bands which extend across the horizon at the close of day are both captivating and comforting.

sunset over tracks copy copy


Inspired by this moment, I began thinking of Rothko’s works with their bands of sumptuous hues and rich texture.  Rothko’s work fascinates me but I must admit to being devoid of any knowledge of art theory in relation to him.  Put simply, I get lost in the depth of colour.  Like the sunset, they induce a meditative state.  I can’t explain why – it is a purely visceral reaction.



homage to rothko




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