From sketch to dress…

Okay, so we’ll skim over the fact that the wedding invite arrived in January…  An entire 7 months laid before me in which to design and create a special dress for my Nephew’s wedding and I promised myself that I was not going to leave it Until The Last Minute.

Except I did.  July came into full swing and I was still no nearer to creating my dress.  However, no need to panic because at this point I still had 3 weeks left…

And then (First World Problem Alert) my husband drops the bombshell that unless we bring our holiday forward by a month then there would be no summer holiday.  In the whirlwind week of last minute flights and accommodation booking, packing for the entire family and rushing to fill the (not exactly essential) silk maxi dress-shaped hole in my holiday wardrobe with a gorgeous tangerine habotai design, the Dress For The Wedding got overlooked.  

When I returned from our holiday, I had exactly 24 hours to either Panic, Shop or Sew…  Drawing inspiration from my island-life idyll of the previous two weeks, & the reading from Captain Correlli’s Mandolin that I was to give at the wedding, I sketched my version of Greek Chic.

The result was the Goddess Dress.  I loved it so much and received so many kind compliments on the day that I decided to make it available in a  range of neutrals and sumptuous hues of silk crepe de chine.  Perfect for a bride, a bridesmaid or even a panicked aunt with nothing to wear for her Nephew’s wedding…

dress sketch


dress 1


dress 2

dress 3 dress 4

profile 2


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