Ethical Fashion Style Challenge #FairFashApril


Are you taking the Ethical Fashion Style Challenge?  Participate for the entire month or pick just a few days to join in.  Style an outfit corresponding to the day’s theme & post on social media with the hashtag #FairFashApril 

Organised by the Ethical Blogger Network, the purpose of the challenge  is to raise awareness of Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April which will mark the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster.  A total of 1,129 garment workers died & approximately 2515 injured people were rescued from the building alive.  By participating, bloggers, stylists, brands, designers & consumers are encouraging the world to think about ethical fashion & style.

Being an ethical consumer is not just about campaigning for transparency in the supply chain or wearing “worthy” clothes.  On the high street, brands such as People Tree are campaigners as well as retailers.  Topshop has it’s Key to Freedom range & ASOS has The Green Room.  Jigsaw is trading on it’s reputation for quality with it’s #ForLifeNotLandfill campaign & encouraging their customers to Instagram & tweet photos of their favourite & long-lived pieces by the brand.

Additionally, saving items from landfill by re-purposing, upcycling & recycling things you already own; styling existing items in new ways, buying from charity & vintage stores, eBay, Vestiare Collective & “Swishing” are all valid ethical & sustainable fashion choices.  

If you crave a retail fix for a unique piece for your wardrobe, Ethical Box is a great marketplace where you can support designers & makers of cool eco chic who guarantee their supply chain is clean.  Etsy is also a great source for handmade individual pieces, although you need to check the individual credentials of each seller since larger manufacturers now retail via the site. 

As upcycled & fair trade fabrics are intrinsic to my design, I’m loving this challenge!  Follow me on Instagram @kateboeken to chart my progress & take a look at the wealth of styling creativity shown by other Instagrammers & get some great inspiration for your own wardrobe. 


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