#FairFashApril : The Story So Far

Day 1: Globetrotter When I’m designing, it’s often the fabric & surface pattern that comes first & influences the silhouette.  My inspiration comes from a variety of sources but images & experiences from my travels around the world are key & therefore works perfectly with the Challenge’s first theme of Globetrotter.  Shibori is a Japanese technique of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The word comes from the verb root shiboru, “to wring, squeeze, press”.  These samples were created by me using Fair Trade silk for use in summer clothing & will feature in my Etsy store in May, when I’ll also be blogging in more detail about the technique.

Day 2: Style Icon

An “Innovative traditionalist” should be an oxymoron & yet Dame Vivienne Westwood is exactly that & hugely inspirational as an activist.  To me,  she is the ultimate style icon.   Her “Buy Less, Chose Well” mantra is totally on message with #FairFashApril & one that I’m trying to utilise myself through 2015.

Day 3:  Sparkle & Shine Recruited the eldest child to take a cheeky snap of a favourite piece from my Etsy store  My handmade sheer tulle & sequin tee.

Day 4:  #GirlBoss  Panchachuli Weavers Cooperative in the Indian Himalayas.  Read about their amazing, life transforming story here.


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